Jim's Page

Jim Jones

Okay Richard. Here's something for my page.

When we were just kids, in Willits Calif., we would race each other in homemade box cars. Even though he was younger than me Richard had the reputation of daredevil in these races. We would start at the top of a small hill racing side-by-side until we came to a large tree at the bottom. Somehow he always avoided crashing himself, while his competition ended up wrapped around the tree.

One day we looked on the other the hill, behind the tree, and discovered a steep road a few feet below the bank. We all looked over to stare at this, when all of a sudden Richard flew over the edge on his cart, landed on the road, and went off down the hill. After a minute of watching him we realized he was totally out of control with no way to stop himself, so we all ran after him to help. Nearing the bottom we saw the road ended by going into a stream, and could only watch as he crashed into the water, breaking the cart apart in the process, and ending up in the middle of the stream sitting absolutely still. Being scared he was hurt we all ran up to him, when he turned around looked up and said, "Wow, that was great! I want to go again. Jim, let me use your cart this time."

From then on I knew what my brother was really like.

And Richard, congratulations on your retirement!