Here's a shot of my pilot friend John Ewins

Here's a shot of my pilot friend Steve Radcliffe (Radcliffe Ent.)

Jake McMichaels
Jake over Hills

Jake over Santa Cruz Bay

Jake by T-34

Here are a couple of photos of Jake McMichael, a retired Navy pilot,
and a friend of mine. He and I flew a T-34 from Monterey to Half
Moon Bay for lunch in April 1998. It was a beautiful flight and a great
lunch. (Click to enlarge)

Ambassador Club Representatives



I have been flying on commercial business for over 30 years and
belong to most of the frequent flyer programs. I was a member of TWA's Ambassador club for many years and here are two of the reasons why, Claudette McKee and Margie Borter. They were the San Francisco based representatives at the Ambassador club. I have never recieved anything but exceptional help from them and their co-workers. Unfortunately, with the TWA demise, both ladies have moved on. I hear from Margie occasionally but have lost touch with Claudette...Thank you ladies for fine work! (Click to enlarge)