As a photographer I am always taking pictures of my family. A few years ago I decided to send a picture of one of my daughters off to some talent and casting agencies in San Francisco to see if there was any work for her in commercials or photo layouts for magazines. I was called by a very talented lady by the name of Belinda Irons who owns San Francisco Top Models and Talent. She started providing tryouts for my daughter Diana who eventually did some work for Sega and was on television on several occasions.

Diana (Jones) Ralls

Photos done by Kevin Auyong

While Diana was trying out, Belinda asked me to try out also. I did, and after all these years I still am in a photo shoot once in awhile and occasionally a TV commercial. I have included a couple of the pictures of me in photo layouts and I have been in a rap music video, I've been a fisherman for American Express and recently was sitting in a fish tank chair for Pointcast which was aired on CNN. Several other commercials I was in were cut, or never made it to TV. I did enough that I had to join the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) though.

Dick Jones