This is a project I'm involved in at work. Most of the photos
you see on this page were taken by me.
Here are some links to the other agencies I worked with.
Sandia National Lab, California
Sandia armuav website
ARM Program Home Site
Nasa Dryden Research Center
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems

Goals and Accomplishments:
The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement-Unmanned Aerospace vehicle (ARM-UAV) Fall 1996
deployment had as its goals a variety of atmospheric radiant energy measurements indirect satellite
calibrations and the first operational use of the Altus UAV This deployment culminated in the
record-breaking, long endurance science flight of 26 hours and 11 minutes (24 hours and
4 minutes on station). Flight Series: September - October 1966, Blackwell-Tonkawa, Oklahoma
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Scaled Composites "PROTEUS"

Flying over Mojave California near the Mojave Airport. November 2002

New "PROTEUS" Pictures

Aeronautical Systems "ALTUS"

Flying over El Mirage near Edwards Air Force Base. September 1998

New "ALTUS" Pictures

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Aeronautical Systems "ALTUS"

Spring 1999, Kauai Mission